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Invicta Weekender: Blow Out Sales You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Hitting at the right place at the right time has given TW Steel some notable followers. Take Kelly Rowland, for example. Rowland is best known as an original member alongside Beyoncé of the superstar R&B vocal group Destiny’s Child, as well as a solo artist with numerous international #1 hits. She became a fan of TW Steel watches like many of the rest of us: as a consumer. Having acquired a TW Steel timepiece that never left her wrist led to Rowland creating an official partnership with the company as a brand ambassador. In the process, she's exposed its watches to the highest echelons of style as only a celebrity of her stature could, as well as imbuing the proceedings with bit a pop culture excitement.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 'No Date' Watch Long-Term Review Wrist Time Reviews Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 'No Date' Watch Long-Term Review Wrist Time Reviews

Nomos Tetra Square Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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World of Watches’ Best-Seller Spotlight: Swiss Legend

The Bauhaus school of design began life as an art school in Germany in 1919, but went on to influence all the arts, architecture, typography, and industrial design for decades. Bauhaus is recognizable by the absence of ornamentation, and the form and function of an object working together seamlessly.

ManchesterWatchWorks TatoskoQ Review - Your Next Semi-Custom Diver? Wrist Time Reviews ManchesterWatchWorks TatoskoQ Review - Your Next Semi-Custom Diver? Wrist Time Reviews

Greco Hexagonal Nut Watch For True Gear Heads Watch Releases

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It’s Not Just About Discount Watches: We Sell Sunglasses, too!

This is an interesting watch and I think with some more pieces like this, Bremont could gain footing in the automotive community as well as the aviation community where they currently have much of their focus. At the same time, Bremont is keen to connect with other British icon brands and Jaguar is perfect for that. We anticipate the price of each of the Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer watches to be in the vicinity of ,000.

My First Grail Watch:  Jonathan Ward Of ICON Automotive My First Grail Watch

ABTW: As a business, do you sponsor or participate in any local events, watch-related or otherwise?

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Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz Meteorite Dial | Fratellowatches

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar Meteorite Dial Watch To Debut At SIHH 2015 Watch Releases

Expensive watches tend to be those which have the best materials, most interesting designs, coolest movements, and overall better composition compared to more mass market watches that strive to remain at or below a certain price level. Of course I am going to be most excited by items produced where cost is less of an issue than those which must make sacrifices for the bean counters. For that reason, it can often appear that my personal interests lay exclusively with high-end fare. But that isn't true.

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Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Hands-On
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How I Learned to Love the Speedmaster

The plastic-cased Sistem51 watch is 42mm wide (and 13.6mm thick), available in a range of colors and fitted to various strap options. Even though the new dials are more classic, you'll notice that Swatch was keen to ensure that the dial placement of the position of the elements, which hold the movement together, remain. Thus, the now distinctive "constellation" on the Sistem51 dials remain. These aren't functional elements on the dials, but rather, reminders about the mechanical movement inside.

Swatch Sistem51 Watch - Cool New Styles For 2015 Watch Releases
Swatch Sistem Class SUTS402

Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon Minute-Repeater Watch Hands-On Hands-On

ABTW: has been a labor of love for you. Was it a difficult decision to sell it? Why sell it? And why now? Was it not possible to retain ownership but have someone else takeover day-to-day operations?

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Breitling Replica Watch Store

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends August 15, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

Casio F-91W Watch Video Showcases Popularity Among People We Love & Hate Feature Articles

Martenero is a young company established by two friends Matthew O’Dowd and John Tarantino in New York City. What makes the brand stand out most, beyond being one of the very few more interesting US-based watch companies of the moment, is that it maintains a sub-0 price range and yet offers customizable and high quality mechanical watches. What this customization specifically means is that on their website one can either choose from finished designs, or can personally choose the color of the seconds hand and the dial, as well as a combination of black or brown leather and some colorful NATO straps.

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Best IWC Replica Watches Online

Watch brands know that in many instances they have one major shot to impress retailers and the press alike when it comes to presenting new products. If the environment is not right, then the conservative luxury industry merely waits on presenting major new products, and instead relies on new products which are mostly “line extensions.” That translates into watches which are really just new colors and minor updates to existing models. Timepieces with new movements, completely new collections, and more interesting models in many cases were excluded from those novelties officially presented at the “Salon.” What aBlogtoWatch’s team kept hearing over and over again was “we have a really major announcement later in the year.”

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Watch For James Cameron Hands-On Hands-On

Mühle-Glashütte Antaria Tag/Datum Watch

Mühle-Glashütte Antaria Tag/Datum Watch

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#speedytuesday on Instagram

The event on Saturday December 20th will begin with everyone meeting at the Beverly Center Omega boutique located at 8500 Beverly Blvd, 90048 at 4:30pm, after using the valet parking at the Beverly Center. Guests will join important members of the Omega team to discuss and experience contemporary Omega watches as well as view exclusive watchmaking and technology demonstrations. From there, we will leave the Omega store and take a shuttle to Jackmond in Beverly Hills - a small boutique store dedicated almost exclusively to vintage Omega timepieces and memorabilia - as well as whiskey tasting. Jackmond is an amazing space and guests will meet owner Jack Khorsandi to learn about his many interesting Omega acquisitions over the years and incredible knowledge of the brand's history.

ABTW: How do you think you've personally helped changed how people enjoy, buy, and discuss watches during the time you ran Watchuseek? Do you feel like you've made an impact on the community?

James Bond 007 Spectre Movie Gets First Watch: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra > 15,007 Gauss Watch Releases

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Power Watches for Dad

Apple Watch Smartwatch Launches Watch Releases

Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II Luxury Items

To be fair, the Breitling Navitimer GMT isn't that much larger than other Navitimer models (though you can get Breitiling Navimtimer collection pieces as small as 40mm wide, I believe). The Breitling Navitimer 01 (hands-on aBlogtoWatch review here) is 46mm wide. Both of these watches contain in-house made Breitling mechanical chronograph movements. While the three-hand version contains the caliber 01 movements, the new Breitling Navitimer GMT contains Breitling caliber 04 - which simply adds a GMT hand for a 24 hour time or a second time zone to the other features such as 12 hour chronograph. The movement operates at 4Hz and has a power reserve of about 70 hours.

Breitling Navitimer GMT 48mm Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Breitling Navitimer GMT 48mm
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A Hands-On Omega Speedmaster X-33 3rd Gen Review

Apart from the Apple Watch, we also check out another “smart” watch, albeit a more traditional one, in the form of Casio’s MRG-G1000. Find out why it is called the ultimate G-Shock in our hands-on article. Other new watches we checked out recently include Zenith’s very vintage-looking Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 GMT 1903, Cartier’s new Calibre Diver, and a personal favorite of mine, the Audemars Piguet “Jumbo” Ref. 15202. We also take a look at three interesting watches from independent brands Sarpaneva, Speake-Marin, and Habring2. Finally, we end off by looking at how American watch buyers’ tastes and buying habits have changed over the past two decades

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends November 7, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

Kairos T-Band Strap With Screen Turns Any Watch Into A Smartwatch Watch Releases

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