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Sitting with Max Busser of MB&F a few weeks ago here in Los Angeles, he shared with me a few scant details about a new experimental project he (and the technical mind behind MB&F Serge Kirknoff) was working on with Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei of Urwerk. Almost as a dare, the two boutique brands would collaborate on yet a third brand. I needed to consider this for a moment. I've always known Max to be a very busy man, and I imagine the other parties to this experiment aren't exactly overwhelmed with free time. Plus, starting a new brand isn't exactly a simple endeavor. There would need to be new logos, branding, marketing implications, and of course business realities. So why do it?

Attached to the Mekon watch is a leather strap and each of the models are limited editions (of either 2,000 or 3,000 pieces). Many people will enjoy the novel look of the watch and the relatively affordable price. The Storm Mekon piece will range from between 9.99 - 9.99 in price. Currently they are exclusively available via Watchismo.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold Watches Hands-On

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold Watches Hands-On

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Then there is the matter of the design. Each of the dials flows out of the case with two arches behind them. The result is what looks like cleavage on the case. Either chest or rear cleavage - you decide for yourself. If the crack isn't enough to make you smile, the beady eye style dials should. This watch even looks like the head of a funny little robot that I really want to make my own. This is easily one of the strangest Richard Mille watches around and there will only be 15 of them.

Brown Chronos Safe: Secure Watch Home

Brown Chronos Safe: Secure Watch Home

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To protect animals, PetStraps has adopted a special policy of requiring owners to submit pictures of them with their pets (while they were still alive). We didn't want people poaching animals just to get a strap made. There was a customer who said they lived in suburban Kansas who wanted a PetStrap made. When I found out the pet was an African elephant I figured there might be a problem. Especially, since it was being shipped from Africa. What really raised a flag was the request to have us engrave a buckle out of "fresh ivory. I just had a bad feeling about that one and we ended up having to ship the elephant back to sub-Saharan Africa. UPS really didn't like us that day."

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As a concept this limited edition is interesting. It is a subtle homage to the influence of show, a reminder of the timeless design of the Reverso, and a unique limited edition piece specially designed to appeal to Mad Men show lovers. This is like a much classier way of enjoying Mad Men in the same way a Star Trek fan might wear Vulcan ears.

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The Tread 1 is a large and interesting watch that I reviewed hands-on here. It has an imposing squarish case and can sound like an adding machine on your wrist. The Tread 2 on the other hand is smaller, designed with a different ethos, and priced about ,000 - ,000 less than its big brother. While it is less expensive, I feel that it is a better timepiece for most people. This is not only because it fits on more wrists, but because of its increased utility as a daily wear.

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When I made the long trip to Hong Kong International Airport, it was no surprise that there were many things different to that of which I was accustomed to in the United States; however, the longer I rested in the city of Hong Kong, the more accustomed I grew to it. My quick assimilation into Hong Kong culture brought along with it a keen curiosity of certain aspects of Chinese culture. The superficial image or "face," as my father calls it, is one of the most pertinent aspects of Chinese society.  The way other people view you, your outer image, is defined by what you wear: clothes, a watch, a bag, etc. or what you drive: Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc... The Chinese are willing to spend large amounts of money on what they wear or their "face," which makes for the fact that Hong Kong has the largest population of Rolls Royce than any other city in the world no mystery at all.