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A watch like this is of the few examples I can think of where I really don't need to explain too much of the movement's intricacies. For one thing, I am not familiar with each exotic method or material used to construct the movement, and second, the view of the movement itself tells you so much. Though I will give you the basics. The watch movement is automatically wound and features a beryllium triple-cam. This almost no lubrication needing compound made cam (look for the gold colored round object in the movement) is the mechanism that helps the linear time retrograde cylinders jump back to their starting position.  There is also a toothed arm that is apparently called a "rack" that is done in a skeletonized honeycomb pattern motif and is visible through the side of the case.  Honeycomb patterns are all over the watch movement.

Perhaps I would had liked to see some of the culinary theme in the watch dial, as there really isn't any. What you do have is a concentric circular dial pattern that is meant to remind you the bottom part of certain non-stick pans. Then again, this is a style that has been used for watches before. So that isn't "culinary" per se.  I further wonder if the hour and minute hands are something out of a kitchen. I tried pretty hard to think about it. All I came up with was ice cream scoop and butter knife. You sorta see that right? For whatever the dial lacks in theme, it makes up for in visual interest. It isn't perfect, but does a good job given its overall purpose. If you live with it for a bit you'll see.

See for example this gold Chopard L.U.C Slim. Sure it is a very pretty watch, but the price is probably over ,000. It looks great, but is it "THAT" great? Not sure. The Noramis will set you back about 1,380 euros retail (maybe ,500 bucks in more places). Inside the watch you get a Union caliber 25892A2 (which is really just a Swiss ETA 2829) automatic movement. Realize that the Chopard is manually wound. The Noramis is just 11mm thick, and the case is 40mm wide which is enough given the thin bezel.The crystal of course is sapphire and the case is water resistant to 30 meters.

IWC Portofino

Undoubtedly, the watch dial accentuate the pilot theme of the Dievas Vortex. Early in the design stage it was decided that since the watch will be preferred and put to use as accurate timing instrument by military personnel, only a less unorthodox, no-nonsense, uncluttered and highly legible design is deem fitting. As such, large, oversized Arabic alphabets 1-12 are set with 60 minute increments meticulously marked. The 3 and 9o’clock exaggerated markers together with the upright triangle at 12 shows design traits symbolizing the artificial horizon, an essential cockpit flight instrument. Quality vintage pilot watch style watch hands are chosen to complete the look. Copious amount of Swiss super luminous are applied over all the minute markers and hands enabling them to glow to a consistent bright greenish blue lume in low light conditions.

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Last March I was very intrigued by the marketing images of this new Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SED Tourbillon watch with its intense level of skeletonization, in carbon fiber, that looked like tree branches. If you look closely, you can tell that the movement is barley even there. The biggest parts are the one minute flying tourbillon and the mainspring. Surprisingly, the manually wound Roger Dubuis caliber RD 02 SQ3 movement has a 60 hour power reserve (movement bears the Seal of Geneva). One thing that I want to make clear is that the "branches" of the movement are done in carbon fiber - which now makes it clear what you are looking at. I've never seen anything like this before. Like other models in the Easy Diver line, the watch has other carbon fiber sections built in, such as here seen on the sides of the lugs.

For the opposite of night viewing, Rogue Warrior Watches throws in a special black shroud strap with the watch. Developed by the Israeli military, these special black coverings can be placed over the watch and have a Velcro shroud over the watch. During stealth night missions, you can't have anything that unintentionally glows or is reflective. For this reason, the Red Cell watch can be worn with this covering for total stealth.

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Functions retain Casio "triple sensor" family that has the compass, pressure sensor (barometer and altimeter), and thermometer. These are all easy to use and handy features. There is also the computer which does a tons of things like having the world time, calendar, alarms, countdown timer, chronograph, and other functions. The PAW-1500 has a tide chart and moon phase, not sure if this model has those features. It does however feature the sunrise and sunset time. This is good for all sorts of people including fishermen or hunters, and of course vampire hunters! Not to mention the rest of you who will appreciate this data that takes into consideration your timezone and the time of year. Realize that the PAW-2000 does not seek to put the PAW-1500 out of business, but rather will offer a slightly different feature set depending on what you need.

The dial crystal is sapphire, seeing into the easy to read face. Here you have a lot of unique character. The outside portion of the dial is done in mother-of-pearl, with applied Arabic numerals over it in black. There is also a minute scale in white. The center of the dial is nicely textured with an attractive patterning and segments for the text and Longio logo. Even the date window is done nicely with faceted edging. A smaller textures black ring sits on the outer most periphery of the dial framing the entire face well.

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Michael Bittel Double Diaphragm Eclipse Watch

Michael Bittel Double Diaphragm Eclipse Watch

With every major purchase, it all comes down to personal taste.
And this watch... is just not my personal taste.

Angular Momentum's newest timepiece collection is based on something very Japanese. Maybe Seiko or Citizen will be pissed? Angular Momentum's Urushi watch collection uses just that, the ancient natural Japanese lacquer. Urushi actually comes from a tree and is likely a specialized sap from a tree native to Japan, sometimes called the Varnish or Lacquer tree. For centuries, it seems that the compound has been used for various purposes, and still used today for decorative purposes. Angular Momentum has taken Urushi and created a series of watch that embody various manners of Japanese symbolism on them. The sap dries to be very hard (like plastic), and is very smooth. The sap itself is not black and red naturally when it dries as you see on the watches. Instead it is colored with iron or ferric oxide often for the black and red colors you see. It is quite an amazing natural compound, and is hard to believe it is not synthetic.

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Which does present a problem. It looks hot, and is very impressive looking, but does not exactly carry the function as of a watch.. Turns out though - the real thrill is on the inside. The Dior Christal Mysterieuse employs a sapphire crystal mystery movement developed by several pioneers in manufacturing - known as the Quinting Manufacture. A collaborative effort of five engineers, including 3 Swiss watchmakers, an automotive engineer, and an electro-technical engineer - this watch is not just remarkable for its aesthetic but for the work inside. Priced at 20,000 euros seems very democratic, when the years and levels of input are considered.

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Snyper One Watch Hands-On

Snyper One Watch Hands-On

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Even though the case is 52mm wide, it should be relatively light given the titanium case material. The leather strap is thickly made and uses a very good style of double contrast stitching in both red and yellow to match the tones of the dials. PVD is applied to the case to give it the black colors. The process must be very touch to result in the checkerboard look on the side as well as the BRM logo on the face of the watch. Price for this timepiece on James List right now is about ,500.

The minimalist design of the watch is even done to ensure that you will check out the depressing message each time you check the time. The watch even goes a step further than the unpleasant "note to self." The dial of the watch is a mirror. So that when you are looking at the time, you see the woeful words with your images floating behind them as your get to enjoy watching your reflecting react with anything from a smirk to expressing sorrow.

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Star Wars Watches By Marc Ecko Sneak Preview Watch Releases

This particular series is the Benthic Ti. In addition to having the quartz movement, they are in titanium. There are also three different face materials available. A matte black colored dial, one in carbon fiber, and my favorite, the one with a polished bronze colored finish. Each has the luminant rich large numerals and markers on the dial - as well as the easy to read hands. The hands are further in two different shapes that helps with legibility.

You'll also notice that Swiss automatic movement (not sure exactly which one.. really doesn't matter here) has been COSC certified as a Chronometer. Always a good value-added feature. The watch is hefty looking with a solid construction from a well regarded Swiss company. I haven't seen most of the other models in the revamped Navy Star collection, but I am impressed at what I've seen so far. This GMT model has modest, but elegantly styled hands and a reasonably sized GMT hand. The execution of the watch is  well done and mixes both classic and utilitarian watch ideals. For example the rich amount of polishing adds a little glamor to normally sober looking dive watches at this price point.

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A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Remember that there are many dial styles and colors available on the DWATCH. The pictured combo is just one option. You can get the DWATCH on a rubber strap or with a fine German made mesh metal bracelet. Rubber is the obvious functional choice, but if you want the best compliment to the manly retro look, (or are going to be shark hunting!) the mesh metal is the best choice. It doesn't cost much extra, and is thick, yet flexible. One problem with the metal bracelet is sizing. It doesn't' have more than a few millimeters of adjustability. Though DWATCH does have various length bracelets on hand - so be sure to go over your wrist size with them before you order one with the metal bracelet. Changing the strap is easy with the watch, and it uses thick tension rods to hold the strap or bracelet in place.

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So why Herman Miller? Well, I don’t know all the reasons. Part of the reason has to do with how widely used Herman Miller chairs are. The most famous is the Aeron, and they also have newer popular models such as the Mira, Embody, and Setu. Unlike most desk chairs, Herman Miller chairs are much more durable, designed after trials and careful study, and made in the USA. Actually, the world’s best ergonomic desk chairs are most all made in the USA. Which is nice to see in Japan, as the people making the country’s best watches, are sitting in our country’s best chairs.

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