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IWC Aquatimer Watch Collection For SIHH 2009: Nice Tech, Weird Looks? Shows & Events IWC dive watch enthusiasts rejoiced to see a freshened up line of IWC Aquatimer watches released recently at SIHH 2009 in Geneva. There are a number of new models, and a slightly updated a depth gauge version as well (the Deep Two). IWC seemed to take a completely different approach this year as the line is much more colorful and shiny than it was previously. I am sure that the watches are mechanically and functionally superb, but I have mixed feelings on the new looks. Still the details are impressive, especially the use of sapphire crystals over the rotating bezels.

This article isn't just me recommending a movie with "watch" in the name, but I wanted to point out that Watchmen is another movie you can throw in the pile of films with nods to watch appreciation. There is of course the doomsday clock, that slowly moves closer to midnight. There is the fact that it was his watch that got Jon Osterman his unfortunate opportunity to turn into Dr. Manhattan because he forgot the watch in the experiment chamber and went to get it. There is also the fact that Jon's (Dr. Manhattan) father was a watchmaker - with the accompanying childhood flashback scene where the young Jon is asked by his father to take apart and put back together a mechanical watch. And of course there is the product placement of the (older) mechanical Timex watch near the end of the movie.  This is an impressive list of watch related content. Of course, all of it is from the graphic novel (not the Timex though), but I applaud the screen adapters' choice to include as much as they did in the film.

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Sporting Jellyfish & Medusse Watches While Spending Quality Time With Nubeo Hands-On

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There is nothing like watching an exquisite Swiss timepiece appreciate upon your wrist. For ever and ever. [Editor: - at least that is the idea].

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT Watch

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT Watch

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With a textured dial, more aggressive looks, and arguably similar avant grade nature, it takes the look a bit upmarket and make it relevant again. I think that other more interesting watches in the recent years have overshadowed potential interest in the classic Ventura watch. I think it was a good idea for Hamilton to focus on its heritage line. Inside the watch will again be an automatic ETA 2824-2 movement like the 50th Anniversary Ventura model. I expect prices to be between 00 - 00.

If you are gifting someone who is traditional, classic, and smooth, then Rolex is another perfect option for you. And the wearer, of course. The Explorer Collection would be most symbolic for a college graduate, as they are on to the next phase of their life. But would also fit perfectly upon a father's wrist. You can't go wrong with a Rolex, no matter the year, no matter the model. But with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Explorer II, you are securing a future filled with success. People trust a Rolex, with the solid engineering and austere of integrity. And as a dynamic and functioning watch, durable beyond belief, this is a gift not only for the wearer, but for future generations to come.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Rolex Oyster Explorer II GMT

The part of the watch that you will spend the most time with is the dial of course. At first the Temption dial is attractive, but simple looking. Just recall the “beauty and simplicity” aspect of the Temption design philosophy and you get the point. The most important aspect of any dial design for Temption legibility. In this the Cameo succeeds. Although the case is square, the dial is round with perfectly sized hands and hour and minute markers. The contrast between the white and deep brown adds to both the beauty and clarity of the dial design. You’ll notice that the lume covered hands feature hands in a style that is common in other Temption watches — part an important branding exercise. Just as car companies try to maintain similar grills on cars, some watch companies do the same with watch hands. Unique to Temption is the “label hiding” that they do on each of their watch faces. The Temption logo and Cameo name are set on the dial in a slightly darker brown, only visible in the right angles or in the right light. I’ve always liked this about Temption because it results in the most unpretentious of looks. Around the raised circular dial are visual extensions of each hour marker, in a sunburst style.

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The hardened mineral crystal on the case is impressively domed  (just a bit), which is a nice touch. It just wouldn't have felt right being flat. There is no AR coating on the mineral crystal, but this is usually reserved for more expensive sapphire crystals that would have increased the price of this watch by at least 50%. On to the bracelet which is a great part of the watch. I was excited to have my first mesh steel strap ever, and it is really cool. The construction uses a thin weave of metal that results in more than enough flexibility. It is also really thin at just over a millimeter. The fit is very comfortable on your wrist, and attractive. It does not go with every piece of clothing I have, but overall a good and modern look (even though mesh bracelets have been around at least 60 years). For us men, the mesh bracelet sometimes catches arm hair. Not a big deal, but something you should know about if you are particularly sensitive to this.

Overall, it's an excellent watch that I can recommend without hesitation. The addition of a US office and two-year warranty change Sea-Gull from gamble to 'why not?', and the results are an incredibly good value. It's not yet time for the Swiss to panic, but I'd certainly hope that they're paying attention. "

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Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Temption Cameo Watch Review: Boutique Eccrentric Good Taste  Wrist Time Reviews Without sounding silly, I would suggest that the sunburst hour marker extensions on the dial give the watch a more ‘majestic’ look. While the dial could not be considered ‘exciting’ it is certainly pleasing to the eye. My feeling on the Cameo is that the watch is a look enhancer, rather than attention stealer - a subtle but bold timepiece that seems to make anyone look a bit better with it on. I’ve been wearing my Cameo watch a lot since I got it and it keeps making me happy. I love how it looks, how it feels, and how unique it is. Some people (like me) enjoy the idea that no one else seems to be familiar with the Temption brand. I’d like to change that, but admit to feeling hip with a strong, but little known brand. For that reason I am giving the watch my aBlogtoRead.com Seal of Approval award. temption-watches.de

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Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch: The Triple Date

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch: The Triple Date

So, when proposing marriage, do not follow the magazine ads that tell you a kiss begins with K. For watch aficionados, a watch makes perfect sense. Whatever you give will be an investment and a testament to the two of you and your love for each other, for the rest of your lives. So, why not make it something you both enjoy, and will be able to enjoy forever?

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Aside from the eye catching face, I think you’ll agree that the case of the watch is very sleek and well integrated. The rubber strap integrated perfectly with the long curved lugs, and I like how the crown fits flush with the case when not in use. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the entire 44mm wide watch case is tapered a bit to resemble an entire jet engine structure.

Yonger & Bresson Automatic Chronograph Snake Skin Strap Watch: For A French Cowboy Watch Releases

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This Arctos Elite GPW K1 Limited Edition watch was release a little while ago (in 2008). As the run was for only 50 watches there are rare. However, Rufus Lin Designs has a very limited number (three pieces or less) available. The price for each is reasonable at ,200 Because this model is is nicer AND less expensive than the standard Artcos GPW watch it is a choice pick for me.

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Focus on Hong Kong and the rise of watch product demand in China. In 2008, China was one of the largest growth markets for watches. Not to mention Hong Kong which has been the perennial watch purchasing capital for decades (not just in China, but in the world). In a place that has an endless hunger for watches - especially foreign made watches - it was only a matter of time before they got into the game. I don't know exactly when China started to produce watch parts and/or whole watches, but the industry is beginning to mature. Like the inevitability of the Chinese-made car being sold in US dealers, we are starting to see world class watches being made in China as their own brands, not simply as part suppliers.

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My Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evolution Watch Article On AskMen.com Wrist Time Reviews

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G-Shock watches are known globally for their superior quality and we could not be more excited to be partnering with them,” said Matt McClain, Surfrider Foundation’s Director of Marketing. “This limited edition collaboration is a great way to highlight 25-years of commitment to protecting our coastlines worldwide.”

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The watch case is 44mm wide, housing an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, with a sapphire crystal on the dial. The watch also comes in a beautiful handmade wooden box that really sweetens the deal. All in all I think this watch is a great value, and I highly recommend checking out New Zealand's own, Magrette watches.

Remember the Chinese watch maker Longio? I talked about them here when discussing their first tourbillon watches. I applauded the Hong Kong based watch maker for having the courage to thrust itself in the tourbillon watch market that is dominated by European watch companies that have the process down pretty well. China's strength is in ingenuity and keeping costs low. The highly sought after tourbillon complication could be had from Longio at a fraction of what the European makers charge. Not that Chinese tourbillon watches are a replacement for the Europeans, but it is was certainly a knock on the door of the stalwart giants.

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