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The Cartier Calibre Diver watch combines a high-luxury sense of design and prestige with the presumed durability of a sports watch. It is either? Is it both? Those are good questions, and ones that are okay to ask, given that Cartier has been among the few major luxury watch brands who have been very consistent in making sure that their dressy lifestyle watches for men are almost always founded on sporty principles.

When things get to move in an elliptical pattern, it opens up very precise measuring, as the movement has a constant period. Knowing that period allows for a very accurate measurement of the passage of time. And, as things are moving in this smooth pattern, the stop-start is eliminated, making for a more efficient transfer of energy. But how is that going to rid traditional mechanical movements of their ticking sound? Again, not many specific details are known at this point, but the lack of ticking sound will surely have to do with the constant, elliptical movement of the caliber's regulating organ.

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The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe is an impressive watch that takes the chronograph function to the next level with a concept coined by Jaeger-LeCoultre as “Dual Wing.” The movement utilizes two independent power reserves to separate power going to the chronograph functions from the timekeeping function. This concept reduces lag and strain, enabling the watch to keep precise time to a sixth of a second. The movement can be seen through two skeletonized sections of the lower dial, which adds a technical style to the design, while still remaining true to a timeless, classic look.

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The movement inside is IWC's in-house manufactured 89361 movement, and it is proudly displayed through the sapphire caseback – as opposed to being covered up by the engraved caseback we are used to seeing on so many of these limited edition watches. The movement features a flyback chronograph, IWC's double-pawl winding system with a 360-degree rotor designed to resemble a ship's wheel, and it offers an ample 68 hours of power reserve.

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As for an issue of a different scale, we must also note that, over the years, TAG Heuer has followed suit, and in tandem with most of its competitors, has increased its prices as well as its perceived exclusivity through moves like announcing the Cal. 1887 and the CH80 in-house calibers. Now, however, with Jean-Claude Biver at the helm of everything watchmaking within LVMH, there is a distinctly new direction set for the company, as TAG Heuer will focus on its somewhat more affordable models and collections which, in turn, do not require such a high volume of in-house movements, as they tend to rely on more cost-effective movements from external suppliers.

Christophe Claret will produce 68 pieces of the Christophe Claret Aventium watch in 18k red gold and titanium at a price of 49,000 Swiss Francs and 38 pieces in 18k white gold and titanium at a price of 53,000 Swiss Francs. christopheclaret.com

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Breva Genie 03 Speedmeter Watch Hands-On

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Wearing the Hautlence HL2.0 collection watches allows the wearer to experience a range of interesting views throughout the day. Even though the Hautlence HL2.1 - HL2.5 watches are all easily within the "super watch" category, this is one of the few super watches I would wear on a daily basis (assuming it was durable enough). In addition to the slightly curved and comfortable case, the entire system is designed for actually rather legible time telling and convenience, without a lot of weird systems that are mechanically interesting but highly inconvenient or just odd.

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Just a few more days to enter for a chance to win a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver watch, this month on aBlogtoWatch. For a chance to win, please visit the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver watch giveaway page here.

aBlogtoWatch Reader Joins Us For Watch Weekend In Los Angeles

aBlogtoWatch Reader Joins Us For Watch Weekend In Los Angeles

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In early September, I will be headed to Hong Kong for the 2014 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and the primary reason I am excited about it is that I expect to see a lot of bold new – not necessarily great, but undeniably new – designs and concepts. And while European and US-based shows do offer an in-depth look into what the big guns and important independents are about, it is important to look elsewhere too to find new and different sources of innovation. Despite a number of respectable exceptions, most major brands act slow when it comes to coming up with new concepts or value propositions – allowing the "new guys" in the business to steal some of the attention from the big guns. Today, we are here to discuss one of these positively surprising new brands (that will also be present at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair) and one of their key models: the ITAnano Phantom Carbon Automatic 49 watch.

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You'll notice that the Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara comes in both three-hand and chronograph styles. Each of those further has three dial colors (with matching straps) which are white, slate gray, or blue. The dials are actually produced from sunray polished ceramic - which is pretty cool. What is also easy to love are the applied, raised, geometric hour markers. The simplicity and the depth of the Carrara dial are part of what makes it so beautiful to look at. There is some lume on the dial, but only on the hands. Overall, the legibility and artistic merits of the dial seem to overcome other more "practical issues" I might have with it. This, for me, is pure horological wrist art.

"I bought this watch in the hopes that I would be able to keep track of time while I was scuba diving in volcanic lava. After only one 20 minute dive the watch stopped working for some reason. I sent it back to Zenith and they claimed the watch was not lava resistant past 30 feet. I was only diving in 20 feet of lava so I told the CEO to his face that he was a big fat liar. Then I drove to their manufacturing facility and broke in during the night to procure myself a new watch as they refused to replace the first ninety thousand dollar piece of crap I bought from them. Once inside Zenith's top secret facility I confirmed what I had suspected all along. A room full of Umpa Loompa's rebadging Casio G-Shock watches with a cheap titanium exterior and stamping 5,000 price tags on them."

As you can quite readily tell from the photos here, this is a skeleton watch (and that's what squelette translates to from French – skeleton). I've been spending more time looking at and thinking about skeleton watches in the last year or so, and I have come to the conclusion that they are particularly hard to do. There are some brands that have it absolutely nailed down on the higher end of the luxury spectrum; when you start coming down closer to the realm of the "affordable" watches, things become hit-and-miss.