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A close look at Apple's larger marketing efforts surrounding the Apple Watch reveals a rather brilliant plan when the various arms of its approach are put together. Apple has connected the Apple Watch with the traditional world of horology to garner acceptance among watch lovers. Apple has obviously secured favor with the tech and electronics industry by mere virtue of being a new Apple product, and Apple has focused directly on the world of fashion to help people realize it is a product that does not clash with (but rather is meant to enhance) a modern lifestyle.

The Urwerk HIS speaker has been designed so that it sounds like someone standing next to you is speaking to you. Being fans of tradition, Urwerk's research determined that the closest thing to an Urwerk HIS in history was a personal servant. In other words, an actual person who would accompany you everywhere and when they spoke to you, people around you heard them. For Felix and Martin, this is very much part of the luxury element of the Urwerk HIS system. Anyone can have a smartwatch that pings them personally with notifications like "you have a missed call," but to really feel one's station in life, a connected luxury device should announce the social importance of the wearer. In the same situation, for example, the Urwerk HIS would announced to the wearer and everyone else within close proximity, "Sir, there appears to have been a number of unanswered telephone calls from your female consort. Would you like me to arrange for the delivery of twelve roses along with a personal note indicating your sincere desire to call upon her in short time?"

Like all other Turbine watches the Perrelet Turbine Skeleton has a jet engine style turbine that is weighted from the bottom and spins with the momentum of your wrist. The fast, fluid motion of the turbine creates a fun sense of visual interest on the watch. With the hands (and hour markers) highly visible and on top of the turbine dial rotor, this allows the watch to remain very legible. Its a fun concept that I think a lot of watch lovers can still get behind, even if you don't need more than one Turbine in your collection.

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The Pocket Touch is 48mm wide (which you could technically wear on your wrist), making it modestly sized for a pocket watch and easily transportable. The case is produced in steel and water resistant to 100 meters. Tissot will produce both a version of the Pocket Touch with a white dial and un-coated steel case, as well as a Pocket Touch with a black dial and a PVD black-coated case. The good news is that they each cost the same.

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In partnership with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIA) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) school in Switzerland, Urwerk will soon release the Horological Intelligence System - aka - the Urwerk HIS watch. The Urwerk HIS is more than a watch and more than a connected device; it is about a relationship between time, human life, and the pursuit of efficiency.

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