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de GRISOGONO Otturatore Watch Hands-On + Video

de GRISOGONO Otturatore Watch Hands-On + Video

On a bracelet, the 5130/1G piece suddenly becomes more lively in my opinion. It is a mature looking watch no doubt, but a new type of flair and aesthetic is added on the classy five-link 18k white gold bracelet. An overall very interesting piece in general and it looks best on the bracelet in my opinion. Retail price for the Patek Philippe 5130/1G is ,000.

Ball “Big Boy” Union Pacific Engineer Master II Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Ball “Big Boy” Union Pacific Engineer Master II Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

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SISU Guardian Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

For the most part, the gold and steel Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watches are the same, but let me just identify the differences. Of course the gold model comes in the 18k orange gold case. It also used the caliber 9301 versus 9300 movement. These are identical save for the gold rotor and bridge over the escapement. Last, the gold version of the watch is a different dial. The standard Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph (and remember, Omega Speedmaster watches have delicately different names, so make sure you know which ones you are talking about) has a matte black dial, while the gold version has a baked black enamel dial. The other prototype version has a ceramic dial. Look closely right over where the hour and minute hands connect in the middle and you'll see a light engraving in the dial that says "Zr02." That stands for Zirconium Dioxide - which is the principle material most industrial ceramics are made of if I understand correctly.

Like the Tread 1 the Tread 2 is powered by a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable via a magnetic-induction dock. The battery is rated to last about 2 weeks with average use. That seems appropriate, and during my test of the Tread 1 I found that charging it on the dock was a simple matter. For those who were intrigued by the Tread 1 but perhaps put off by the size or price have a new and expanded opportunity to enjoy the Devon concept with the Tread 2. It is not cheap, but priced at around ,000 is is certainly a more accessible price than the Tread 1. Look for the Devon Tread 2 to be commercially available a bit later in 2012.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Watches Hands-On

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Watches Hands-On

Dutch Comics Writer and Cartoonist Martin Lodewijk (Agent 327) Wearing A Speedmaster

Orbita Avanti 4 Vertical Stack Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

The legacy of Gerald Genta lives on now with even more Bulgari-ness. The original Gerald Genta Octo was a fascinating timepiece with a range of complicated movements. The "Octo" name referred to the eight-sided case, and unfortunately there are no tentacles related to this product. While certainly unique, I have to say that the Octo looks quite nice on the wrist. Bulgari continues with the now iconic case with a new watch simply called the Octo.

Christie's Speedmaster 50 Auction Report

It is a limited edition for 2012 and it is quite expensive. Rado, like other large group owned brands, deserves some fun in design without having to focus on purely marketable timepieces. There is no mainstream appeal to the R-One, which is one reason why Rado will only produce 300 pieces. It does however offer a cool factor and you may want to look closely at Rado again.

Tissot T-Touch Classic Watch Watch Releases

The watches shown here each contain the brand's caliber CP-V12 manually wound tourbillon movement. It has the time, tourbillon (of course), and big date complication. The movement has a 55 hour power reserve. Graphically, the exposed movements look nice, and I overall think that the design firm(s) Cecil Purnell used for their movements and cases aren't half bad. As I mentioned above, the racing/Rambo inspired sport watch is called the Pit Lane. It has a rather un-sexy name and looks to be inspired by brands such as Paul Picot, Concord, Hublot, and others. It is fun looking, but probably not 0,000 fun-looking.

A Very Rare Skeleton Speedmaster Jubilee 27 Chro C12

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il_8qePCNy0]

MTM as a brand makes a series of "tactical timepieces." Actual or weekend warriors can get a kick out of these durably built quartz watches. The Falcon is among their more elegantly designed watches, and is reviewed here in its "Black on Black" style. As a "phantom" black on black watch, the dial is remarkably easy to read. Don't worry, MTM offers this model in other styles with more traditional dials that are easier to see. Still, I quite like the look of the piece. Why is it legible? It is because of the many textures and shades of black used. The dial, numerals, and hands are all different shades of black with different textures. The dial is actually carbon fiber, while the matte finished hands and hour numerals contrast rather well making it easy to see.

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The Rolex situation is funny. If you recall when I discussed the new Sky-Dweller here, I posited that it was great to see an innovative movement from Rolex that expands on their offerings and provides something really new for them (in the modern sense). At the same time I didn’t run across too many people who liked how the thing looked. It will probably sell because it is a Rolex, and it is new – granted. Given that, I think that many people were disappointed because they loved the idea of the Sky-Dweller, but the execution just wasn’t what people expected. Who knows, maybe next year everyone will change their mind and compete to be the piece’s biggest fans.

One watch he pointed out to me was a gold-toned Invicta. He didn't know much about it aside from the fact that it was a gift. He proudly wore it enjoying its large size and loud-style that complimented his own unique fashion sense. On the other wrist was a watch constructed from a mix of steel and wood parts. Few watch lovers are brave enough to "double wrist it," yet fashion bravery is nothing new or unwelcome to Flavor Flav.

Nice low-profile push-button clasp.