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As we know, the benefits of an automatic rotor are constant winding of the mainspring and – thanks to the higher average tension in the mainspring when the watch is being worn – more consistent power through the gear train. This means the watch should keep better time as you avoid the diminished amplitude and associated rate loss as the mainspring winds down. It is also convenient in our hectic lives, when we may forget to wind our watch each morning before setting off. As long as you are reasonably active and wear the watch frequently enough, it should always be running and keeping decent time.

In many ways, a watch like the Breguet Classique Power Reserve 7137 epitomizes what the Breguet watch brand is all about. The Classique case has a coined-edge side and simple lugs along with a lovely machine guilloche engraved dial. Those familiar with antique Breguet pocket watch dials will see the familiar layout and design of complications such as the moon phase indicator and power reserve indicator. It matches Breguet's long-standing mastery of asymmetric (along with symmetrical), albeit balanced, dials.

Casio claims that bringing its higher-end G-Shock watches to the US is due to a couple of important reasons. First is sheer consumer demand, and that is easy to understand. Second is a desire to appeal to those people who grew up with G-Shock but feel that they have grown out of it. Let's face it, I have written plenty of times that it isn't a great idea to wear a G-Shock, or any other plastic watch to a business meeting or with a suit. But what about an all metal, and impressively finished G-Shock watch? Does that change things? Maybe...

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Thum turns the Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch over to its back and shows me the mainspring barrel which clearly has a different color metal used for its cap. "That is from the barrel of an AK-47. We melted down the metal and used it for parts like this." Part of the promise of the Fonderie 47 brand is that each product they sold would have some element produced from parts recovered from destroyed guns. There it was on the back of the watch, and part of me wanted to see more of the movement, or even the case, produced from the recycled gun metal.

ABTW: You clearly have the watch bug. Are we going to see more joint efforts with TW Steel? What are your visions for the next Kelly Rowland Special Edition?

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Of course, even if the battery does drain down, the quartz movement should continue to function. In this manner, it is something of a similar idea to what we see with watches like the Hyetis Crossbow and Redline, providing a hybrid of the "classic" watch and a smart watch. Then again, this is not a new concept for Martian, so why is this release  of any note?

My favorite watches from Cuervo y Sobrinos are in their Torpedo Pirata collection, which I first covered here back in 2009. The pirate-style watches are inspired by Cuba and cigars, but for me, these are pirate watches. This is one of the less common Cuervo y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata watches because it is DLC coated in black. The watches are normally made from bronze and titanium, which is the case here, but you can't really tell because it is coated in DLC black.

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For 2014, TAG Heuer has once again released a brand new version of its iconic Formula 1. This time, the Formula 1 gets a totally unique automatic mechanical range to supplement the Formula 1 quartz watch offerings. Over the last few years, TAG Heuer has really gone all over the place in regard to trying to figure out what to do with its Formula 1 range. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic collection for 2014 is pretty good in regard to design and personality, but the question is... should this be the direction TAG Heuer takes its Formula 1 watch collection?

Paris is one of the most interesting and culturally important cities in the world. It is also known as a capital of fashion, jewelry and luxury. Amongst the many boutiques in the city, one stands out for watches, and that is Chronopassion. Owned by the inimitable Laurent Picciotto, Chronopassion has been in business since 1988 and is known as a supporter of new brands and projects. Chronopassion was amongst the first retailers in the world to support MB&F and Richard Mille, who are both mega brands today. In this article, we pay a visit to the world famous Chronopassion boutique and also chat with its owner, Mr. Picciotto, about watches and his business.

Speaking of independent watchmaking, this round-up also sees an interview with Vincent Perriard and Dominique Renaud of HYT watches, which specializes in hydromechanical timepieces – watches that use liquids to tell time. And we also speak to Laurent Piccioto, owner of the famous Chronopassion store in Paris, who is a great supporter of independent watchmaking.

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METAS will also monitor the production equipment, which – when it comes to Omega testing the anti-magnetic properties of its Co-Axial Master Chronometer movements – is a massive magnet (that weighs 1,500 kilos or around 3,300 pounds) that was developed by Omega and is designed to create a permanent magnetic field that is over 15,000 gauss strong. METAS, beyond its other duties in the certification process, checks and confirms the strength of this movement. Basically, the new METAS certification is not only arguably more stringent than COSC, but it is specifically designed test for magnetic resistance.

The movements (said to be just 2.8mm thick) have a power reserve of 55 hours and operate at 18,000 bph. The dial offers a view of the nicely rendered tourbillon to the left, and a subsidiary dial for the hours and minutes to the right. Under the time display is the mainspring barrel which turns as you manually wind the watch via the crown.

I started aBlogtoWatch while living in San Francisco, being part of that community, and I modeled a lot of my own journalistic style after many of my favorite tech blogs. I don't think it is a coincidence that we at aBlogtoWatch enjoy being followed by Kevin Rose and many people just like him. In my opinion, the Silicon Valley audience is one the greatest customer bases for the modern watch industry that the watch industry is still more-or-less ignoring, when it comes to marketing and outreach. In addition to its focus on the nouveau riche and the fashion industry, I have strongly advised the watch industry to pay close attention to one of the most important areas of growth - the people in the Silicon Valley, as well as other tech hot spots around the US and the world.

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It is the authentic hand-writing of my late grandfather, and it provides the piece with a unique and inimitable stamp – we will never again propose a watch with this particular detail, it is a one-of-a-kind.

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2014: The Progress Of The Chinese Watch Industry

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2014: The Progress Of The Chinese Watch Industry

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Pininfarina worked hard to ensure there was a bit of "old world royalty" in the design, as well as a modern flair that would appeal to today's high-end sports car or yacht owner. Christophe & Co. will also have special versions of the Christophe & Co. Armill for various markets with some "local flavor." For example, Christophe & Co. Apollo Armills come with hand decoration, and for the Chinese market, they will have engraved dragons, while for the Russian market, they will have St. George slaying a dragon. With that said, Christophe & Co. maintains its dedication to "serious exclusivity" with a desire to push personalization services for each of its products. The comfort angle of this involves not only sizing the Christophe & Co. Armill bracelets to each customer, but also ensuring the precise amount of Alcantara leather over the memory foam inserts.

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However, this is not the typical 9R65 found in most Grand Seiko, this is the 9R15, which debuted in 2010. The difference aesthetically is only in the rotor, bearing an 18k gold Grand Seiko lion medallion, but both do have a tremendous amount of striping and perlage noticeable on lower portions of the movement. The real difference is in the quartz crystal used for regulation. Due to the fact that Seiko grows their own quartz crystals in house, they have the advantage of specially selecting the highest performing ones. In the 9R15, this specially selected quartz crystal provides the movement with an outstanding accuracy rating of +/- 10 second per month. Because of the limited availability of these quartz crystals, the 9R15 movement is only produced for limited edition models, with the SBGA109 limited to only 700 pieces for the world. MRSP on the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA109 is ,000 USD and can be purchased at

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Preserving value and vetting a trade partner are one and the same when approaching a pre-owned specialist. As the online watch vendor community moves out of its adolescent period of the 2000s into the realm of BBB accreditation, Trustpilot ratings, and eBay feedback in the five-digit range, dealing with leading online specialists has assumed routine status for many traders. Vendors who will offer owners the most straightforward and equitable trades at fair value are the ones who already have a long track record of doing so.

Piaget Altiplano 900P "World's Thinnest Mechanical Watch" Hands-On Hands-On

Seiko Astron Solar GPS Chronograph Limited Edition Styled By Giugiaro Design Watch Releases

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A new video series by Ukrainian watch lover and journalist Mykhalio Malyi called "Chronograph" begins with an entertaining and easy to digest look at the Casio F-91W that accumulates a lot of the story behind it into one fun piece. This is apparently just the start for Malyi who I hope continues his Chronograph series channel on YouTube. The "Bin Laden Watch" video is available in both English and Russian languages as well.

“It’s About TIME” Watch Get-Together In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 3rd, 2014

“It’s About TIME” Watch Get-Together In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 3rd, 2014

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This is something that stems from the "local time" formula of Hendrik Lorentz. Now, if you are like me, you probably have not heard of Lorentz: he was a theoretical physicist in the late 1800s to early 1900s, and he created a series of works which were the basis on which Albert Einstein ended up building his works on space and time. In some ways, you could consider Lorentz the "scientific father" of Einstein – quite an appellation for one to have. You can read more about Lorentz here.