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It isn't that some things are better left unsaid, it is rather that something cannot be said at all. Instead they need to be seen. This is the case with many a luxury watch. I can present you with a full dissertation on their feature set, beauty, and wearing enjoyment, that will do little to replicate the actual feel these timepiece have while on your wrist. So take my words for the significant value that they are worth, but if you are ever skeptical about a timepiece I endorse, then do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Having said that I want to share my experience with the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch with you. An interesting timepiece that has the makings of a true icon.

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A lot of the appeal comes from the good looking case. It is 44mm wide, 54mm tall, and a massive 18.4mm thick! Awesome. The case is make out of two metals. Mixing steel or 18k rose gold with titanium. Each of the model styles looks good, and I believe there are a few more than are pictured. On the top is the marketing photo of the watch from Vulcain, and the rest of the watch shots are taken of the actual models by Ernie Romers over at WatchUSeek.com while he was at Basel. I like that the timepieces look good in reality as well as mere concept. The only non extreme feature of the watch is that it is not not an uber-rugged diver only having 100 meter of water resistance. That is probably OK though, because if you were to actually do diving with it - you could subject it to light depths and such with no problems. Last, the watch is matched to a cool looking rubber diver's strap or calf leather strap - both with matching folding deployments. As cool as this watch is, it will likely be pricey. Retail is probably over ,000. Plus it will only be limited to 150 pieces. Going to be a fascinating collectors watch and an overall nice diver from Swiss Vulcain.

Casio opens a new MT-G door with a hardcore techy looking watch that steps in the room punching and glistening with impressive watch-ular (new made up word) curves. The new model MTG1100-1A looks like the love child of Robocop's cybernetic innards and an industrial crane. Just looking at the dial it is hard to appreciate all that the watch does, or it. It is easier to take the piece apart by function or feature to fully appreciate a watch like this.

A watch like this upcoming Guer Man Trace is easy to make fun of. I mean it is pretty interesting look, and I see all of the artistic merit - I am sure I would even wear one. But instead of us feeling all wowed by its novelty, we are going to be compelled to laugh about it. It does come in a log watch box after all. This little concept brings me back to the early 1990s when one of my favorite cartoons of all time was on, Ren & Stimpy. Of the most iconic elements of the adultish cartoon show was their in-show advertisements of absurd hypothetical products. Do you remember "Log." The piece of wonder wood could do it all. It's Log... it is big, it is heavy, it is wood. Log for boys and girls, it is better than bad, it is good. These are some lines from the jingle, can you hear me saying it out loud in a satirical serious manner as I am sure the Guer Man marketing people might. Hear it via YouTube below. The actual commercial is not on there due to copyright reasons I am sure. So what was the deal with log? Well it could do anything, including being a watch box - even in non...carpenterized form.

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